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Dear Guests!

We hope that the Hotel Directory provides you with useful information about the services of our hotel. Of course, if you have any further questions or we can do anything for you, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad and eager to help you in order that the time spent at our hotel could be really joyful.

Best regards,
The Staff of the Ambient Hotel & AromaSPA


Accessibility - Our hotel is wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair accessible toilets in the hotel lobby and at the spa. The hotel has two wheelchair accessible rooms. There is no pool lift in the pool area.  

Air-conditioning - Both the rooms and the public areas of our hotel are air-conditioned.

ATM - The hotel doesn’t have any cash machine. The nearest ATM can be found in the centre of Komló.

Baby friendly tools and services - We can provide the following tools and services depending on availability: high-chair at the restaurant, baby cot, baby tub, toilet seat, nappy disposal bin at the entrance of the spa, participation in animation programmes in peak seasons.

Bathrobe - It is available for our guests in the room. In case of losing it, damages must be paid. It is possible to buy bathrobes, please contact our reception staff.

Bathroom chair - We provide a bathroom chair on demand. Please, contact the reception.

Bed linen - On request, we change the bed linen in your room every day. Please, help our hotel operate in an environmentally friendly way, and only ask for the changing of your bed linen if it is necessary. You can make your request at the reception or at the chambermaids.

Bicycle - The bicycle rental service is available for a fee from spring to autumn. Please contact the reception.

Blanket - If you have a special request, please call the reception. 

Bowling - It is located on the first floor of the hotel and is open from 12.00 to 21.00 every day. Reservations can be made at the reception outside opening hours.

Breakfast - The buffet breakfast is available at the Forrás Restaurant.

Check-in - You can check-in from 14.00. In case of early arrival, luggage can be stored in the luggage room of the hotel.

Check-out - The hotel room is at your disposal until 10.00 on the day of departure. Please inform our receptionist about your last day’s minibar consumption upon check-out. Please contact the reception if you would like a later check-out.

Cleaning - Cleaning is done every day between 8.00 and 17.00. If you place the ‘Don’t disturb’ sign on the outer door handle, our colleagues will not disturb you. If you have any special request, please contact the chambermaids or the reception.

Clothing - We kindly ask our guests to visit the restaurant in appropriate clothes at dinner time, so please refrain from wearing tracksuits, shorts or bathrobes.

Complaints, remarks - If you have any complaint or remark, please inform the reception or the head of the related department about it.

Electric current - 220V/50Hz alternating voltage (AC) is available everywhere in the building. Adapters for other voltages can be requested at the reception.

Entrance - Use the bell at the entrance door in case of any problems occurring late at night.

Fire and emergency - Please, read the chapter ‘Fire safety code’, and, in case of fire or emergency, act according to the rules and regulations described therein. The description of the escape route is located on the inner side of the hotel room door. Please, do not use the elevator in case of fire and emergency.

Foreign exchange service - There is no foreign exchange service at the hotel. The hotel bill can be paid in EUR as well.

Gift Voucher - Gift Vouchers are available on request. For more information, please contact the reception.

Gym - The gym is located next to the SPA reception and the relaxation room. The same opening time applies as for the Spa. Cardio machines and free weights are available.

Hair dryer - It can be found in the bathroom of every hotel room.

Half-board - The buffet dinner is available at the Forrás Restaurant.

Heating/air-conditioning - The system doesn’t operate if the key card is not inserted in the box located on the inner wall next to the entrance door of the room. Opening the balcony door also stops the heating/air-conditioning system. In hot weather during the summer, we do not recommend to set the room temperature 6°C lower than the outside temperature for health reasons.

Internet - At the moment, the internet connection of the hotel is rather slow: for 77 rooms, there is only one ADSL line with the download speed of 10 Mbit/s and the upload speed of 0,5 Mbit/s. Wi-Fi password: Sikonda2014  

Ironing service - See: Laundry services

Journals - Copies of ‘Nemzeti Sport’ and the regional newspaper ‘Dunántúli Napló’ are available at the reception.

Key card - The door of your hotel room can be opened by the key card you are given at the reception upon arrival. Insert the card in the plastic box located on the inner wall next to the entrance to have electric current in the room. Remove the card please when leaving the room. The key card is valid until 10 o’clock on the day of departure. The card also functions as an information carrier, so, if you lose it, contact the reception immediately.

Laundry services - Our guests can request the service for an extra charge by handing down their clothes to be washed or ironed at the chambermaids. You can find a laundry bag and the laundry request form in the wardrobe.

Letter paper and envelope - Letter paper and envelopes can be found in the room, otherwise contact the chambermaids.

Lifts - A lift operates in our hotel. Please do not use the lift in case of emergency or fire-alarm.

Lost and found - For lost and found items, please contact the reception.

Luggage service - If you need help with carrying your luggage, please contact the reception.

Luggage storage, luggage room - Upon early arrival or late check-out, the luggage of our guests can be stored free of charge in our luggage room until check-in/departure.

Maintenance - If you encounter a damaged, malfunctioning device of equipment, or one that needs repairing, please contact the reception.

Map - Maps of Pécs and the Mecsek are available at the reception.

Massage and wellness treatments - For more information contact the SPA reception, where you can also make appointments.

Thank you for coming to the treatment without jewellery. We kindly ask our guests to show up on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we cannot carry out the treatment. If you are unable to attend the treatment you reserved, please cancel it at least 12 hours before the appointment at the SPA or hotel reception, otherwise we’ll charge 50% of the price of the treatment.

Messages, mail - Messages received and to be forwarded are managed by the reception.

Mini bar - Upon payment, it is possible to consume products from the minibar located in the room. The content of the mini bar is checked and replaced every day by the chambermaids. Please inform our receptionist about your last day’s minibar consumption upon check-out.

Mobile network coverage - Currently, mobile network service providers, Telekom, Telenor and Vodafone have built a substation and an aerial at the hotel.

Museums and Galleries - In the surrounding area of Komló and Pécs, a number of museums and galleries await their visitors. For more information, please contact the reception.

Payment methods - At our hotel, you can pay in cash (HUF, EUR), by credit or debit cards (VISA, AMEX, Cirrus/Maestro, Eurocard/Mastercard), by ‘Széchenyi Pihenő’ card or by using gift vouchers issued by the hotel.

Parking - During check-in and check-out it is possible to park in front of the main entrance of the hotel. After that, our guests can park in the unguarded parking area situated in front of and next to the hotel.

Pets - The hotel receives pets in limited number for a fee and with the compliance of the Hotel Rules and Regulations. 

Pharmacy - Please, contact the reception for information on opening hours and the pharmacy on duty.

Phone - You can read about the use of the phone in your hotel room, and about the rates in the information guide ‘How to use of the phone’ in the television system of the hotel. 

Photocopying - Photocopying is available at the reception.

Pillow - Please contact the reception if you would like an extra pillow or an anti-allergy pillow. 

Private room - There is also a private room available at the hotel. Ask about its availability and capacity at the reception.

Programmes - You can get information about programmes and events at the reception.

Radio - Satellite and local radio channels can be received through the TV set.

Reception - We provide 24-hour reception service.

Restaurant - Forrás Restaurant: we kindly ask our guests with food intolerance to forward their requests to the catering staff in advance. Opening hours: 7.30-10.00, 17.30-21.00

Safe - The safe can be found in the wardrobe in hotel rooms. The directions for use is placed on the safe. If you have any problem, please call the reception.

Sauna - The Sauna Park, located on the second floor in the spa area, await its guests with Finnish sauna, sweating room, infra sauna and salt room. If the weather is fine, outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna also operate. Appointments for the sauna séances can be made until 15.30 on the day of the séance at the SPA reception.

Security system - Video surveillance and recording system operates at certain points of our hotel.

Sewing kit - We provide a sewing kit on request. Please contact the chambermaids or the reception.

Sewing service - We provide a simple sewing service. Please contact the chambermaids.

Sickness - In case of health problems, you can ask for medical help at the reception. Clinical thermometer and plasters can also be requested at the reception.

Shoe cleaning - Shoe cleaning machines are located in the lobby and on every floor.

Shoe polishing equipment - We provide shoe polishing equipment on demand. Please, contact the reception.

Slippers - You can request them at the reception for an extra charge.

Smoking - In accordance with the legal requirements, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hotel. Violation of the policy will result in a 100 € fine. If the fire alarm is switched on by smoking, the fire service's exit fee will be charged to the responsible.

Snack bar - It is situated on the first floor. Opening hours: 12.00-18.00 

Souvenirs - Souvenirs related to the hotel can be purchased at the reception.

Spa - You can enter the spa on the first floor of the building. Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08.00-20.00, Friday-Saturday:  08.00-21.00 Visiting the spa for unaccompanied children under the age of 6 is not permitted. Visiting the spa is contraindicated in case of certain diseases.

Taxi - You can order a taxi at the reception at any time of the day.

Television - You can find information about TV programmes in the television system of the hotel.

Toiletries - We provide toothpaste, tooth brush or mini razor if necessary. Please contact the reception.

Towel - White room towels are changed every third day. It is possible to change towels daily if it is clearly indicated by throwing the towel onto the ground after use. Please, help our hotel operate in an environmentally friendly way, and only ask for the changing of your towels if it is necessary. White room towels cannot be brought into the area of the spa. Only purple towels can be used there. Purple towels can be used in the spa and, in the summer, in the open-air bath. They are also changed every third day.

Transport services - Please, contact the reception for information on transport services.

Wake-up call service - 24-hour wake-up service is available at the reception.

24-hour room service - We provide room service during the opening times of the Forrás Restaurant and the Snack Bar. You can have access to the room service menu through the television system of the hotel. For more information, please contact the restaurant. Phone: 160

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