Pools & Sauna Facilities

Pools & Sauna Facilities

Ambient thermal bathThermal Bath

3 indoor and 1 outdoor pools are waiting for our dear guests longing for enjoyment.
(The outdoor pools and the outdoor jacuzzi are only seasonally available).

  • The indoor pool with  31-33 celsius grade thermal water spoils and cures our dear guests with its entertaining elements - massage fountains - and is also suitable for swimming.
  • The 35-36 celsius degree sitting pool serves the calming relaxation of our guests.
  • The 30-32 celsius degree children fun pool is awaiting with several toys to welcome the little ones. We also provide separate room for baby care needs.
  • Indoor pool at the Sauna.
  • Outdoor jacuzzi at the sauna patio (seasonally available).
  • With its breathtaking location the outdoor thermal water entertaining pool with its own natural supply is the island of revitalisation (also only seasonally available).

The spa water containing alkaline and lithium  cures the remaining symptoms of the influenza  and is also excellent for the treatment of arthralgia, skin infections and gynaecological  complaints. 

Ambient Sauna


Sauna Facilities

  • the indoor Finnish sauna (80-90 celsius
  • the outdoor Finnish sauna (80-90 celsius degrees),
  • infra-red suna
  • the aromatic cabin (30-40 celsius degrees),
  • the steam cabin (40-60 celsius degrees) or
  • the a salt cabin - with salt bricks from the Himalaya (25-30 celsius degrees)

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