SPA treatments

SPA treatments

Wellness & Spa Park


We also offer and are pleased to serve our guests with a wide range of massages and deep warmth therapies.

To make an appointment for treatment is suggested. Contact: 

Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00


Ambient aroma back massage with a fragrance of your choice 20 minutes 6 000 HUF

As a consequence of the gentle treatment for the purpose of stress releasing, muscles become relaxed and guests get to the state of rest.


Full body Swedish massage 50 minutes 11 500 HUF

Improves blood circulation, the condition of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue as well as stabilizes the autonomic nervous system by the techniques of Swedish massage.


Swedish massage 25 minutes 6 500 HUF

Applying the healing methods of Swedish Massage to a certain aching area.


Child massage 25 minutes 6 000 HUF

Treat your child to a wellness therapy! You can choose from the following full body massage types:  wellness, pinda balls, lava stones.


Foot Massage 20 minutes 6 200 HUF

Refreshing massage, relieves physical and mental stress. It relaxes the cramping muscles of the feet and improves the blood circulation of the leg.


Manager Massage 20 minutes 6 000 HUF

Relaxing massage performed in Massage chair in sitting position, focusing mainly and mostly to the upper part of the back.


Indian head massage 20 minutes 6 000 HUF

During the massage, the focus is on the head and face, for which we use oil. It is mainly recommended for maintaining the health of the scalp and mental freshness.
Massage movements stimulate blood circulation and relax tense muscles.


Indian head massage 40 minutes 9 000 HUF

Indian head massage is performed not only on the head, but also on the face, shoulders, neck and upper back. The movements of the massage help to relax tense, sore muscles; they relieve muscle stiffness, stimulate blood circulation and speed up the excretion of accumulated toxins. Massage relieves headaches and eye strain, and increases joint mobility. According to tradition, oil is used for head massage, which makes the hair healthy and stimulates blood circulation in the head. Head massage has a good effect on both body and soul.

Relaxing Back Massage with Pinda Ball 20 minutes   7 700 HUF
Relaxing Body Massage with Pinda Ball 45 minutes 11 900 HUF

Relaxing massage performed with small balls filled with herbs soaked in preheated grape seed oil, by long movements in the direction of energy-flow.


Bamboo massage 20 minutes 6 000 HUF

Bamboo massage is an oily massage that uses bamboo rods of different sizes for proper pressure. Using bamboo rods, deep muscles are also readily reachable, so the massage is stress-relieving, soothing, while energizing the body, stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system function, reducing fatigue and pain.


Hot shell massage 45 min. 12 900 HUF
Hot shell couple massage 2x45 min.    23 600 HUF

Lava shells massage is a new, exclusive, gentle, special massage technique, which is treated with shells from the Philippines. Like lava stone massage, this type of massage invites heat to help with therapy. This type of massage helps to relax the body and also makes detoxification more effective by increasing circulation. A 1-1 glass of champagne is a gift from our hotel.


Hot Lava Stone Massage to the Back 25 minutes    6 200 HUF
Hot Lava Stone Massage to the Full Body 65 minutes 12 500 HUF

The muscles are smoothed, rubbed and kneaded by hot lava stones. The body is pervaded by calmness; a dreamlike state of a certain kind may overcome us.

Wellness body massages (Lavender, Japanese silk, Mediterranean gardens)

45 minutes 10 900 HUF

You can get the true wellness experience through the relaxing massages done with 100% natural substances

 As an effect of the stimulation of the lymphatic system, toxin can be expelled from the body more effectively.


Shi-zen relaxing, detoxicating massage with aroma essences 45 minutes  11 200 HUF

This oriental facial and body massage stimulates, stretches and at certain parts of the body relaxes the muscles. We use massage oils and aromatic essential oils. The intense aromatic scents have pampering and calming effects.


Facial massage

20 minutes  4 900 HUF

The movements of the facial massage stimulate blood circulation, which brings fresh oxygen to the brain and relieves stress. Thanks to the gentle movements, the skin becomes noticeably softer. Massage helps to maintain the elasticity of the facial skin.


Romantic couple massage 2x45 min.    21 800 HUF

Body massage with aroma essences, including a glass of champagne.

Body scrub (Cinnamon-ginger, Bamboo, Lavender) 25 minutes 6 200 HUF

The intensive breathing of the skin can be achieved after the removal of dead skin cells. After the massage, the skin becomes soft, smooth and hydrated.


Indian 7 chakras massage for energizing 60 minutes  14 900 HUF

The treatment starts with an algae body scrub. 7 chakra points along the spine are stimulated by acupressure massage.  We use massage oils and aromatic essential oils. This massage restores energy flow in the body.


Capuccini Body Treatment 95 minutes  20 500 HUF
Body scrub (Cinnamon-ginger, Bamboo, Lavender) 25 minutes  
Wellness body massage (Lavender, Japanese silk, Mediterranean gardens) 45 minutes  
Body wrap 25 minutes  


Treatments for ladies expecting a baby                      13 900 HUF

Swedish massage during pregnancy is not recommended, so we have created a pampering package.

Body scrub

Facial massage

Manager massage

Sun bed 3 minutes 600 HUF
Bioptron Lamp 8 minutes 790 HUF

With the help of polarized light wounds and injuries can be more effectively healed, also, for several other health problems it can help find a solution.

Winter Almond Package 16 400 HUF
Ground almond body scrub 20 minutes
Body massage with fragrant almond oil 40 minutes
Face massage 15 minutes


Spring meadow package 15 400 HUF
Relaxing back massage with lavender 20 minutes
Foot massage 20 minutes
Relaxing bath 20 minutes


Summer flowers package 15 400 HUF
Body massage with aroma of white flowers 45 minutes
Face massage 20 minutes
Sun bed   6 minutes


Autumn forest Package 15 900 HUF
Relaxing bath 20 minutes
Relaxing Body Massage with Pinda Ball 45 minutes
Sun bed   9 minutes

Before arriving at treatments, please remove jewellery. If you cannot attend a previously booked appointment, please call us to cancel at least 12 hours before the appointment. For late cancellation we charge 50% of the price of the treatment.  


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